Doug Leach Portfolio Manager

DCM Portfolio Manager Wins Domestic Mid-Cap Equity Emerging Manager of 2024

Doug Leach Portfolio Manager

The DCM Mid Cap Value Strategy utilizes a fundamental, bottom-up classic value approach. DCM seeks to find high-quality companies that are undervalued for transitory reasons.

A unique advantage of our process is a proprietary calculation of normalized earnings, or what we believe a company is able to earn in a typical environment over a full business cycle looking out three to five years.

The DCM Mid Cap Value Strategy emphasizes stocks with market capitalizations between $3.5 billion and $40 billion, and they typically maintain fully invested portfolios of 40 to 60 securities.

To be eligible for the awards, managers must have at least $10 million in product assets, full-year 2023 performance, as well as 2022 year-end product information, with firm-wide assets up to $2 billion ($10 billion for MWBE). Managers were ranked based on excess returns over benchmark, performance vs peers, product asset $ and % growth, and information ratio, plus manager skill as calculated by Aapryl. A committee of industry experts in the plan sponsor and consulting communities reviewed the top three managers in each category and evaluated the merits of each firm based on quantitative and qualitative measures. Each award winner received the majority of the votes.

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